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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh How I Love Small Town USA....

I wish every town in America had the same population as mine...130 people!  Life would be so much simpler and I truly believe that people would enjoy their time on earth much better.   Unfortunately, my precious gem of a hometown is not the norm for cities located inside the borders of our great Nation.  The hustle and bustle of big city America is unbelievable and I will never understand it.  The site of my last event, The Northern Trust Open, is on the complete opposite side of the spectrum from my quiet South Georgia town.  Los Angeles, home of chaos, a gazillion people, traffic, and did I mention, a gazillion people!

On my way home from beautiful Riviera Country Club on Tuesday afternoon, it took me 1 hour to go two blocks!  Really?...two blocks...that is only two red lights or the distance of a short Par 4!  In South Georgia, 1 hour of travel time will usually yield 60-80 miles depending on the weight of your foot and the location of Barney Fife.  However in Los Angeles, 1 hour of travel time during the wrong time of the day will only get you two lousy blocks!  Unbelievable.  Like I said...I will never, ever understand it!

President Obama was in town on Wednesday and according to the 6 motorcycle policemen and SWAT Teams every half block leading up to my hotel, he was either inside my hotel or very, very close by.  I told Beth that unfortunately my location and safety was pretty much cut and dry...I was either extremely safe due to his proximity or I was in extreme danger because of all the crazy yoyo's in this world.  There was no in between!  My hope and prayers were certainly on the safe option and I putt all my trust in the hundreds of policemen, SWAT, and helicopters flying around my hotel that I would see my children at weeks end.

My golf looked pretty pitiful from the sidelines this past week.  A missed cut by a shot is always frustrating but after I sat down and analyzed my rounds, I wasn't as disappointed.  In 2011, Riviera Country Club yielded more 3 putts than any other course on Tour.  Whether you blame it on the Poa Annua greens, the inconsistent ocean and hill affects, or the guys on Tour that cannot walk in metal spikes, the greens at Riviera are difficult to putt.  With that being said, I had 6 three putts in two rounds and I missed 3 additional putts inside five feet!  And that my friends... is a recipe for a missed cut.  The good news is that I only missed the cut by one shot which indicates that I did more than a couple of things right.   Also, I am fortunate that missed short putts and an abundance of 3 putts is not the norm for my golf game.  Heading into last week's event, I was inside the Top 6 on Tour in 3 putt Avoidance.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case!

This week I am at home resting my body after 7 weeks on the road.  The last time I laid my eyes on my house, dog, and truck, the calendar read January 3rd!  That was a long, long time ago!  Beth and I decided to surprise the kids and not tell them exactly when I was coming home.  I simply walked in the door and stood in the hallway where they couldn't see me.  I heard my little angel Libby call out "PaPa?" in hopes that Beth's Daddy was the culprit for the door chime.  I peaked my head around the corner and I wish I had a recording of my children's voices.  "DADDY!!" rang out and filled our home.  The sound of happiness followed by tears of joy filled their faces.  My little sidekick Jake wouldn't let go of my neck and I didn't let go either.  I certainly hate being away from them but at the end of the day, little moments like the one I experienced on Saturday night will last forever.

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