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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Good Report and A New Business Adventure...

Over the last few months, I have learned one thing…NEVER take things for granted.  It doesn’t matter how big or small, NEVER, NEVER, take them for granted!  Bound to a pair of crutches for eight weeks and forbidden to put more than 20 pounds of pressure on my new and improved left hip/left leg, I will admit…I was humbled.  Gone was my ability to walk, run and jump…gone was the stability and strength in my left leg that allowed me to carry my children to bed…and gone was my freedom to use two hands to carry an object from one place to another.  God has truly blessed my life but it sometimes takes a situation where you temporarily lose the ability to perform the most simple tasks to realize how fortunate you are.  Even though my situation only lasted eight weeks, it made me to realize how many things I took for granted.  For me personally, two things stood out the most.  Not being able to carry your children down the hall after they had  fallen asleep was a tough pill to swallow as well as the dilemma I faced every morning after making breakfast.  Do I trust the two year old standing at your feet to carry a glass bowl or plate over to the kitchen table OR do I just stand by the refrigerator and eat standing up.  From experience…chose option number two!
Beth and I returned to Vail, Colorado, after church on Easter Sunday for my post-op checkup.  Dr. Phillipon and his staff checked and re-checked my left hip through x-rays and manipulation.  Thankfully, I passed with flying colors and I was cleared to move into Phase 2 of my therapy and rehab.  This advancement involved a series of more difficult and weight barring exercises as well as a gradual introduction to the game of Golf.  Dr. Phillipon was extremely pleased with the movement in my hip but warned me to still be cautious.  I was allowed to chip and putt for the first two weeks following my visit to Vail and I have recently added pitch shots and 50-60 yard shots.  My daily trips to therapy have certainly made a huge difference in my recovery.  Eight pounds have withered away and my strength is well ahead of schedule.  I still have a slight limp when I walk but my therapists have assured me that this is normal.  Post-op  tightness in hip flexors are routine and over time I will return to my normal stride.  I am anxious to reach the finish line but I know I have to be patient.  Time is on my side and my goal still remains the same…October will be my first tournament back on the PGA Tour.
So what have I been doing with my time since surgery?  Well, I have been extremely busy.  Obviously therapy and being a full-time father and husband has been my first priority.  Taking Jake to school everyday and tucking them both in bed at night has been a blessing.  I was able to coach Jake’s basketball team and I am now his baseball coach.  Working on my tractor and farm during the day and actually sitting down to eat supper with my wife has been a welcomed change.  I am truly blessed.
In addition to all this, I have taken on a new adventure.  For the last two years I have worked tirelessly on a vision of mine that began over 10 years ago.  Tired of Golf instruction costing a fortune and the necessary resources for the weekend warrior being non-existent, I worked on creating a model to solve both issues.  After months and months of work, I am proud to announce that my vision is finally becoming a reality.  On Monday, April 29th, I am hosting an Open House event at The Blake Adams Golf Academy at Lane Creek Golf Club just outside of Athens, Georgia.  I have created a model that is both unique and rare.  By combining my resources from the PGA Tour, my hands-on involvement  AND my personal instructor on Tour, I have raised the bar on ELITE Golf instruction.  I will be an integral part of the Academy’s day-to-day operations and I will be on site whenever my tournament schedule allows, to aid and assist in clinics, schools, and daily lessons.  As I mentioned, my personal instructor, John Tillery, will be Director of Instruction.  He will be on-site each and every week unless he is at a PGA Tour event assisting his players.  In addition, I will have PGA Tour and players assist with instruction throughout the year and provide numerous opportunities for Meet and Greets with these players.
My goal is simple.  I want to provide a comprehensive player development facility that provides elite resources necessary for golfers to perform at their highest level.  Whether you want to make your Middle School or High School Golf Team, play Golf Collegiately or Professionally, or just lower your Handicap so you can compete with your friends, I have a program for you.  My Academy will have all the technology needed to improve your Golf game.  State of the art video equipment will be available as well as personalized fitness plans.  Our students will be able to not only change their Golf game but also their lifestyle.
I will have more information coming as things progress.  Please feel free to come by Lane Creek Golf Club this Monday at 4:30 for a FREE clinic with four Professional Golfers.  I will be joined by three players who are in town preparing for the Stadion Classic at UGA.  Good friends, Josh Broadaway, Will MacKenzie, and Kevin Kisner will be on site to give a mic’ed up lesson.  Come join us for this great event.