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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nothing Special Golf Wise but Still a Great Week...

Torrey Pines. Another week on the PGA Tour and another great golf course. The scenery, the history, the weather. What more can you say?

I traveled last week from Palm Springs, California, to San Diego, California, for the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. This tournament was played on two golf courses (North and South Course) and was another great event. Unfortunately, I didn't play as well as I would have liked. I made the cut but I fell well short of my goals. I am still having issues with my irons and putter. It has definitely been a very frustrating few weeks. I am battling with my equipment and this is very unusual for me. The issue I am having with my irons relates to the ball and how it reacts while in the air. I have checked and re-checked the loft and lie angles on my irons and I even went to Titleist last week for testing on the golf balls. I now think there is a shaft issue and I am addressing this with both TaylorMade and True Temper. As far as the putter goes, it just doesn't look and feel the same as the original one that fell off the cart and broke in Hawaii. Rife has been incredible and has provided me with several options. We will get it right. I am very lucky to have two great companies, TaylorMade and Rife, working to resolve these issues and I feel confident that we will correct them.

There were some positives that came out of last week. I drove the ball well off the tee and lead the tour in Driving Accuracy for the week. I also made another cut on the PGA Tour without having my A game. This is very encouraging and hopefully after I resolve my club issues, bigger results will follow.

I also had a few visitors this week while in San Diego. One of my best friends and former UGA roommate, Bruce Kelly (Ope) flew to watch me play at Torrey Pines. He arrived on Wednesday with his dad, Don Kelly, and we had a great time. I think they enjoyed the views of the San Diego coast, the great weather, and the sites of Torrey Pines. They watched several of the top players in the world play golf and unfortunately they watched me hack it around all week. On Friday, another great friend and former UGA roommate, Davis Thomason, flew in from a business meeting in San Francisco to join us for Mr. Don's 60th birthday. We had a great time and I am very grateful to have such good friends. I hope the trip was relaxing and I trust they found the much needed vacation.

I am currently in LA for the Northern Trust Open. This event is played at the great Riviera Country Club. The purse is huge for this event and the field is limited. Unfortunately, I am 4th alternate and probably won't get into the tournament. This may be a blessing in disguise because I would have more time to address my club issues and get them resolved. If I do not get into the field, I plan on staying in LA until Saturday and practicing at a TPC course nearby. Also, the Lakers are in town on Wednesday and Friday. That would be a treat to see Kobe. If I don't play, I will leave this weekend and get a jump start on next weeks event at Pebble Beach. I am very confident that good things are on the horizon and I am excited about the weeks ahead. I will continue to work hard and improve. I feel good about the direction I am heading.


  1. Glad to see the more postivive outlook. Love you and can't wait to see you on Monday. Jake sat on a lawn mower at Lowe's today and the seat was wet from rain. He said "I can't drive the lawn mower when it is wet but MY DADDY sure can." You sure are his hero. Love you bunches!

  2. Blake...this is Josh Holloway,Congrats on making the "The Big Show"! Hope it's everything you imagined. Play well out there.

  3. Blake Chad Oosterveen, if you need help getting the putter worded out I do have an opening. I just had to let Tiger go last week. He was killing my image. Keep it up. See on the east coast swing. I got to go get Broadstreet straight now.

  4. Blake, Congratulations on the tour from Adam Heick and Heick Family! We are proud to watch the tour now and look forward to watching you on the weekends. Best of luck at pebble, my brother and I played there last year with our dad following us and can only imagine being inside the ropes, close to of luck this week and every week.

  5. Blake-Met you during your practice round at Torrey. Funny story abuot your wife getting lost in Atlanta. I used to work in professional sports and have been "big leagued" by many a player (star or not). It was nice of you to chat with strangers. You have new fans in my wife and myself. Take care and good luck. Matt Diehl.